Too sensitive.

Yes, I am too sensitive. Yes, I am too emotional. Yes, I overthink things.   ‘Stop taking things too personally’, they said. ‘You should relax’, they said. ‘Stop thinking so much’, they said.   Well you know what I say?   You’ll never see things the way I see. You’ll never appreciate things the way I appreciate. You’ll never feel as deeply as I do. You’ll never be as passionate as I am. You’ll never love the way I love. You’ll never live the way I live.   So stop telling me how I should be and start thinking about … Continue reading Too sensitive.


Fear. How can a 4 letter word be so powerful? It fills the room. It’s a thick, black paint. It shrinks the space around you. It darkens the sky. It suffocates. It yells. It’s a loud, screaming voice. It’s a punch in the stomach. It leaves you out of breath. It’s a curtain that falls over the play that is your life. Fear can be everything if you let it but don’t forget… …fear is a liar. Continue reading F-E-A-R