Am I worthy?

Am I worthy? Am I worth your time? Am I interesting? Am I worth the try?   Or am I just broken? Am I just a mess? Am I just a sad girl that does nothing but obsess?   They obviously don’t know. They obviously can’t see. the mess I hide inside. It ‘s too much to believe.   So I have to pretend. I have to deceive. Before the secret comes out. And everyone decides to leave. Advertisements Continue reading Am I worthy?

Too sensitive.

Yes, I am too sensitive. Yes, I am too emotional. Yes, I overthink things.   ‘Stop taking things too personally’, they said. ‘You should relax’, they said. ‘Stop thinking so much’, they said.   Well you know what I say?   You’ll never see things the way I see. You’ll never appreciate things the way I appreciate. You’ll never feel as deeply as I do. You’ll never be as passionate as I am. You’ll never love the way I love. You’ll never live the way I live.   So stop telling me how I should be and start thinking about … Continue reading Too sensitive.

Grandma complains.

Grandma complains about the things shes never done about the pains she feels throughout her body about being old. But we don’t listen ’cause she’s old and that’s what old people do, they complain. But what if our time comes and we’re grandmas and grandpas and we’re complaining about the things we’ve done and the pains we feel throughout our bodies about being old? And no one listens cause we’re old and that’s what old people do complain?   Continue reading Grandma complains.

Withstand (Why I love fitness)

When you do the plank, you maintain your position. The first seconds are easy. The first minute is harder. The last seconds are where you truly prove yourself. It’s a mind game. You feel the pain, you’re shaking, but you withstand. That is what you teach your body to do. That is what you teach your mind to do. Withstand. Withstand the pain, withstand the difficulties. ‘You have to learn to resist.’ You have to learn to resist the temptation to give up. You have to learn to resist the temptation to quit. You withstand, and you improve from it. … Continue reading Withstand (Why I love fitness)


Now, I’m not really a person of art, but I’ve been contemplating about it lately. What is it that drives us to create art? What is it that makes us connect with art? What makes us admire it?   I came across a video that gave an interesting interpretation on art. According to the video, the history of art is the record of people who could find no one in the vicinity to talk to.   And I can see this come across in paintings like Caspar David Friedrich’s. Caspar David Friedrich, a German romantic painter. His painting were always centered … Continue reading …Art