Too sensitive.

Yes, I am too sensitive. Yes, I am too emotional. Yes, I overthink things.   ‘Stop taking things too personally’, they said. ‘You should relax’, they said. ‘Stop thinking so much’, they said.   Well you know what I say?   You’ll never see things the way I see. You’ll never appreciate things the way I appreciate. You’ll never feel as deeply as I do. You’ll never be as passionate as I am. You’ll never love the way I love. You’ll never live the way I live.   So stop telling me how I should be and start thinking about … Continue reading Too sensitive.

For how much longer?

For how much longer will this bubble you’ve been living in keep growing & growing until it bursts into reality?   For how much longer will this bomb keep ticking until all your dreams & hopes explode into your face?   For how much longer will feelings dictate the mind claiming right over reason and leaving no room for discussion?   For it is feelings that fuel the imagination the spark that sets it into ignition that burns away all traces of logic.   Until you lose the earth beneath your feet and reality becomes distorted and all your left … Continue reading For how much longer?