A poem to myself (#1).

              What are you even doing here? What are you even doing?   You should have left by now. You should be somewhere in Asia. Somewhere in freaking Asia!   ‘I’m not ready yet’, you say. ‘I don’t have enough money.’ ‘I need to plan this better.’   So you keep delaying it finding new excuses to hide the fear of what you want the most.   You’re 23! You’re not 15 anymore. You could just leave, if you wanted to.   And yet, you’re here. Sitting in your room all day trying to … Continue reading A poem to myself (#1).

I don’t even know.

I don’t even know what I want anymore. I don’t even know what’s right and what’s wrong anymore. How does anyone even know what they want? How is it determined? Is it something that excites you? That you blindly follow without much thought? Or is it something that contributes to your greater goal? To whatever you’re trying to achieve in life? And how is what’s right and wrong even determined? Is is based on social values? Or is there such thing as right or wrong? And who’s to decide? I don’t know. I don’t even know.   Continue reading I don’t even know.

Why ‘The rain’.

I was driving one day with a friend. We were going our usual drive around the city, to nowhere in specific. This is something I do frequently, either with friends or by myself. I just enjoy the freedom of driving, the feeling that at any moment, if I decided, I could just take a different exit, and get the hell out of here, get away from it all, if I wanted to. Anyway, we were at a familiar intersection, driving towards a familiar coast-side road which is a ‘go-to’ destination whenever I’m on these little excursions. From it, you can … Continue reading Why ‘The rain’.

Too sensitive.

Yes, I am too sensitive. Yes, I am too emotional. Yes, I overthink things.   ‘Stop taking things too personally’, they said. ‘You should relax’, they said. ‘Stop thinking so much’, they said.   Well you know what I say?   You’ll never see things the way I see. You’ll never appreciate things the way I appreciate. You’ll never feel as deeply as I do. You’ll never be as passionate as I am. You’ll never love the way I love. You’ll never live the way I live.   So stop telling me how I should be and start thinking about … Continue reading Too sensitive.

Grandma complains.

Grandma complains about the things shes never done about the pains she feels throughout her body about being old. But we don’t listen ’cause she’s old and that’s what old people do, they complain. But what if our time comes and we’re grandmas and grandpas and we’re complaining about the things we’ve done and the pains we feel throughout our bodies about being old? And no one listens cause we’re old and that’s what old people do complain?   Continue reading Grandma complains.


Ah, Coffee. We all love coffee. For me personally, my relationship with coffee has been turbulent. Our relationship has been long-term. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was in elementary school. We’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve broken up twice. But now were together again. Really. I’m drinking coffee as I’m writing this. So as I usually do, I’ve been thinking, what makes us drink coffee? Is it just because it wakes us up? I’ve actually talked about this topic with a few people and they’ve actually told me that coffee doesn’t always wake them up like they’d want … Continue reading Coffee.