Why ‘The rain’.

I was driving one day with a friend. We were going our usual drive around the city, to nowhere in specific. This is something I do frequently, either with friends or by myself. I just enjoy the freedom of driving, the feeling that at any moment, if I decided, I could just take a different exit, and get the hell out of here, get away from it all, if I wanted to. Anyway, we were at a familiar intersection, driving towards a familiar coast-side road which is a ‘go-to’ destination whenever I’m on these little excursions. From it, you can … Continue reading Why ‘The rain’.


  It’s hard, being in my head, sometimes. It’s a constant dwell. A constant dwell.   It’s like having your worst enemy share a room with you trying to knock you down, over and over, everyday.   It’s like having a thief come into to your house, in hope of stealing everything you hold valuable.   It’s like having bees buzzing all around you threatening to sting at any moment, if bothered.   So it’s hard, being in my head sometimes. It’s a constant dwell. A constant dwell.   Continue reading Dwell.

An introduction.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Eva. I’m fierce. I’m decisive. I’m like a robot. I make programs, and stick to them. I’m determined. I set goals for myself. I make the right decisions. I know which way to go. I’m a problem-solver. I have a purpose in life. I want my existence to be remembered. I want to affect people. I see a mountain, and I want to reach the peak. I’m calm. I’m strong. I look people in the eye. I stand with my back straight, hands crossed in front. I glower. I’m also Evana. I’m uncontrollable. I’m all … Continue reading An introduction.

TMI (Too much information) tag

I’d like to thank a person I now consider a friend, Jay, for tagging me on his recent TMI post ­čÖé If you don’t already know about Jay’s blog, please check it out, he offers some of the most genuine poetry out there. His words truly come from the heart. This part gave me the opportunity not only to learn new things about Jay, but throught answering the questions, I got to do some re-evaluation on my own self. I believe I have answered as genuinely as I could, so I hope you enjoy ­čśÇ What are you currently wearing? … Continue reading TMI (Too much information) tag