A response poem to myself (#1).

                This is what you do. This is what you always do!   ‘I’m miserable here’, you say. ‘I need to get out of here.’ ‘I need to leave.’   So you keep leaving, set off for your newest feat just to see that life isn’t ideal there either.   Life isn’t ideal anywhere, honey. Wherever you go new difficulties will appear and every time you will find yourself ¬†something new to dwell on.   And yet, whenever you come back you seem to forget about all that, and the problem again becomes … Continue reading A response poem to myself (#1).

A poem to myself (#1).

              What are you even doing here? What are you even doing?   You should have left by now. You should be somewhere in Asia. Somewhere in freaking Asia!   ‘I’m not ready yet’, you say. ‘I don’t have enough money.’ ‘I need to plan this better.’   So you keep delaying it finding new excuses to hide the fear of what you want the most.   You’re 23! You’re not 15 anymore. You could just leave, if you wanted to.   And yet, you’re here. Sitting in your room all day trying to … Continue reading A poem to myself (#1).