Sailing in Greece

So to revitalize the photography aspect of this blog, I decided to upload a few photos of a trip I took on a relatives boat from Patras, Greece to Nafpaktos, Greece. So here they are:


DSCN2029 (2)

Right underneath the Rio-Antirrio bridge near Patras. So lucky to have gotten this shot.

DSCN2034 (3)

A little bit of black&white Greek pride.

DSCN2032 (2)

Entering the port of Nafpaktos.

DSCN2036 (2)

The fortress of Nafpaktos.




Ah, Coffee. We all love coffee. For me personally, my relationship with coffee has been turbulent.

Our relationship has been long-term. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was in elementary school. We’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve broken up twice. But now were together again. Really. I’m drinking coffee as I’m writing this.

download (3)

So as I usually do, I’ve been thinking, what makes us drink coffee? Is it just because it wakes us up? I’ve actually talked about this topic with a few people and they’ve actually told me that coffee doesn’t always wake them up like they’d want to. Yet they can’t seem to quit it.

So what is the real reason we drink coffee? What is the real reason we need that coffee in order to start our day?


I believe coffee is more of a choice we make to not give in to the laziness and really just kick it in the ass. It’s about taking control of your life and not letting the inactive side of you just continue on snooze mode forever. It’s a note to self and to everyone else that you’re ready to kick-ass and to do whatever life brings you.

So next time you’re looking for that next cup of coffee, just remember that it’s 10% the coffee that’s working and 90% your own mentality.

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(Warning: As you may have already seen this post is in the category “Me over-analyzing everything again”. Over-analyzing may have occurred.)




The weather.

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“So how’s the weather?”

“Pretty hot these days right?”

“Woah, it’s freezing, can’t wait for the summer.”

People love to talk about the weather. It’s a nice, simple, go-to conversation-opener, a certain ice-breaker that all people have in common.

I also believe that the way people talk about and handle the weather is a great way of finding out about their personalities.

People constantly complaining about the weather, people who when it’s hot ask for cold, and when it’s cold ask for hot, are people who easily find obstacles in life. They are people who quit easily, with the slightest mishap.

On the other hand, people who embrace the weather are people who truely embrace life and live it to the fullest.

A person who always comes to mind that is a great example of the latter is a great inspiration of mine, Casey Neistat. Now Casey Neistat is a fanatic runner who enjoys running about 10 miles a day.


Most people enjoy running when the weather is ideal, for them Spring and Fall are the best months for running. But Casey? No. Casey enjoys running most in the hot months of summer. For him, August’s heat isn’t a tormenting time he waits patiently to go by. For him, these are the moments he waits for all year, and when they come, he takes advantage of them best.

So, please, let’s stop nagging about the weather and start seeing what we can do to take advantage of it best.



Now, I’m not really a person of art, but I’ve been contemplating about it lately. What is it that drives us to create art? What is it that makes us connect with art? What makes us admire it?


I came across a video that gave an interesting interpretation on art.

According to the video, the history of art is the record of people who could find no one in the vicinity to talk to.


And I can see this come across in paintings like Caspar David Friedrich’s.

Caspar David Friedrich, a German romantic painter. His painting were always centered around a person admiring a vast scenery. As grand as that scenery may be, our glance always fall upon the person, contemplating the sight before them.


Art is about expressing feelings, about expressing pain. As is said in the video, “once we accept loneliness, we can get creative.”

But Art doesn’t just have to be about paintings. I believe in unconventional art. For example, I believe Jay-Z and Kendrik Lamar have done an excellent job in their own forms of art.

I literally believe you can hear their pain in these songs. You can relate to their pain. You see it in their video clips. And that’s what art’s all about.

But of course, art’s relative. Art’s personal. People find art in different forms and shapes. I don’t expect you to relate.

Mental health: The castle of glass

So as we all know Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, past away from suicide.


Now I don’t really think anyone will ever understand what Linkin Park meant to me. Linkin Park gave me strength when no one else can. When I felt left out, when I felt like no one would understand me, Linkin Park was there, Linkin Park did.

Songs like this:

Literally gave me strength when I was feeling knocked down, when I felt like I was feeling mocked in school, when I felt insignificant.

Or their song called Iridescent:

I remember listening to this in the car on repeat. The more I listened to it the more I let go of my problems. This song was my meditation.

The list goes on and on. Most of their songs have a special meaning to me. Most of their songs mark a part of my life. Most of their songs got me one step closer to where I am now, stronger and more confident than ever.

And now a piece of that is gone. Now we’re in pieces.



But the reason I wanted to make this entry is not about just what Chester meant tome. It’s broader than that. Another person has gone from mental illness. Another person has fallen into the trap that their mind has made them. Ironic, isn’t it? Our own minds devising these traps, working against us in the cruelest of ways.

I read a description about depression that I really liked. I wish I remembered who it was from, but here it goes: “When you’re depressed, you see things in the world around you. Everything moves normally, blissfully, nonchalantly. The sun goes up, days go by, everything seems normal, except there’s a twist. You’re trapped in a glass box. It’s bolted to the ground and no matter how hard you try you just can’t get out.”

Yet no one seems to notice, nothing seems to have changed. The world continues on blissfully without you.

That’s the only way I can imagine what Chester was feeling like. And not only Chester, but millions of people among us. I believe most people have gone through a similar phase at least once in their life. And then they got threw it. And they grew stronger from it. And they learned from it. But who’s to guarantee that it won’t happen again? And how many times can one take until they say enough?

This is why I decided to make this blog entry. Mental health awareness. There are few things worse in this world than feel like you’re trapped in a glass box. And most of the time we ourselves make it worse, why? Because we’re too afraid to communicate about it. Too embarrassed. I believe mental illness is still a huge taboo in our society. People are too ashamed to seek out for help. People are too ashamed to admit they’re imperfect.

But of course, we live in a society where being perfect is all that’s broadcasted. Rich people, beautiful people, successful people, perfect movie stars, perfect rock stars… Oh right. But wait, I mean, why shouldn’t they be happy? They’ve got it all, money, looks, fame, right? They should be ashamed that they’re unhappy, right?

Wrong. You know why? Because our standards are wrong. I believe it’s about time we start re-evaluating our ideas of the perfect person. Beauty, money… It’s all loads of bs. And people like Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain… They’re the proof we need. In fact, I believe people that are happy just because of good looks and money are the ones with true mental illness, a mental illness called narcissism. Being happy and being obnoxious is not the same thing.

For me, real happiness comes from accepting your flaws. Real happiness means accepting that being perfect means being imperfect. Real happiness is knowing that both good and bad times are transitional. Real happiness means not looking away from hard times, not turning your head in the other direction, but standing there, accepting it, accepting that life is not black and white, it’s grey, and you can’t have a rainbow without rain (hashtag promotion of my blog: The rain). 

So please, please, if you’re feeling down, please let that energy out, write a damn blog, talk about it, and if people don’t understand, find new people. If people belittle your problems, saying things like other people have it worse, just remember that mental health is just like physical health. Just because others may have worse problems doesn’t mean that you’re problems aren’t worth looking into. Turn your disadvantage into an advantage, find an outlet for that energy, run, write songs. Trust me, you will turn out 1000 times better than those obnoxious brats you once admired.

Chester and the rest of Linkin Park helped us through hard times, now it’s our turn to continue his legacy and help each other.



Why comfort will ruin your life.

“What makes you comfortable can ruin you and only in a state of discomfort can you grow.”


Now I can relate to that. That’s what I believe I’ve been suffering from. Comfort. I’ve been suffering from comfort.

Now what’s wrong with comfort you may say? Nothing. Nothing’s wrong with comfort. That’s the problem. Nothing’s wrong.

When you’re comfortable, you rest. You’re stuck. You don’t strive to do better. But what’s the meaning of life if you don’t challenge yourself?

“Science shows that anytime you continually do something of think of something the same way, you will eventually stop growing.”



Doing things wrong.

Maybe we do things wrong.

More specifically, maybe we do things for the wrong reasons.

We do things because we want the end result. We work out because we want a nice body, we learn guitar so we can impress our friends with our talents.

But if you don’t enjoy the process of doing those things, of working out, of learning guitar, you’ll never get the results you want, and more importantly, you’ll never be happy by doing them.

It’s just like the famous Greek poet Cavafy said about the poem “The Odyssey” by Homer. To add some context if you aren’t familiar with this poem, the Odyssey is about a Greek king Odysseus and his journey back to his home in Ithaka after the Trojan Battle.

“When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long.”

Κ.P. Cavafy

In conclusion when optimizing for a goal, sometimes the process towards achieving that goal is often more important than the goal itself.

A conversation with a gypsy

So yesterday I had a very cool encounter with a Romani-gypsy family on the bus. More specifically, I met the cutest Romani girl who I ended up offering one of my bracelets to cause she was just the cutest.


The population of Romani-gypsies here in Greece is actually quite large, estimated around 200.000 people. These are people originally originated from Northern Indian and who migrated to Greece from around the 15th century. To this day they still live a nomadic lifestyle, often living in tents or deserted buildings, all over the country.


It’s sad because these people here in Greece are often victims of racism and complete isolation. Even during my bus ride, the bus driver kept ordering the little girl to stay away from me, in fear that she would steal from me. The whole family was almost not even permitted on the bus. Many people are prejudiced towards them because there have been many incidents of theft tied to Greek-Gypsies. But if you want my opinion, I find it reasonable since most people would never even consider them for a job. How are these people supposed to live if they can’t even make their own money?

I believe it’s time this Greek mentality changes. It’s time we embrace these people not with fear but with love. We should be more curious and interested about their traditions, rather than isolating them and avoiding any contact with them.  Drugs and trafficking unfortunately aren’t all that uncommon since these people have to proceed to extremes in order to survive. Education is also very low and most of the children don’t even attend school. Living in harmony and giving these people a chance by getting rid of the fear is the only way to diminish the criminal activities going on among these people.

Birthday surprise

So I had my birthday the week that passed us and I know how I was bashing on birthday’s on a previous post but a couple of my friends actually made me a pretty cool surprise, so I decided to share a bit of those memories with you guys.



After the surprise my friends made me with this sign that says “Happy birthday Babis” in Greek, we gathered on the beach (Babis is my nickname in Greek, and also it doesn’t actually say happy birthday but “Many years” which is the what we say on birthdays here in Greece).



One of my friends made me this gift which is a photoshopped picture of Mona Lisa with my face on it.



We enjoyed the sunset on our local beach.


Thanks guys.

About being petty.

Why do we act so petty? Why do we make mean comments about one another? Why do we enjoy to hate?

Well boys and girls, I think I’ve finally found the answer to the age-old question.

People enjoy degrading others because it’s the simplest way to raise their own self esteem. Reminding ourselves of other peoples flaws seems to give us the reassurance we need that we’re better than others and we have achieved more than them.

But this is of course a very wrong and unnecessary thing to do. All people make mistakes and instead of judging them for them we should be finding reason for their actions and show compassion for we ourselves are not flawless.

So whenever you’re on the verge of falling into the trap of speaking ill of others, remember that this person may one day end up being your friend.