Why comfort will ruin your life.

“What makes you comfortable can ruin you and only in a state of discomfort can you grow.”


Now I can relate to that. That’s what I believe I’ve been suffering from. Comfort. I’ve been suffering from comfort.

Now what’s wrong with comfort you may say? Nothing. Nothing’s wrong with comfort. That’s the problem. Nothing’s wrong.

When you’re comfortable, you rest. You’re stuck. You don’t strive to do better. But what’s the meaning of life if you don’t challenge yourself?

“Science shows that anytime you continually do something of think of something the same way, you will eventually stop growing.”




Oops I did it again, I changed the blogs name.


I know, you guys are sick of me. “What a totally indecisive person” you must be thinking.

(For those of you wondering what the hell I mean it’s because the blog’s name originally was “The Rain” then I changed it to “I think that I think too much” then I changed it to “The Rain”)

But I’ve been thinking about “I think that I think too much”, and as I was thinking, I decided that that name doesn’t suit me. I absolutely oppose of the myth that people’s problems are due to “overthinking”. I mean, since when can we control thoughts anyway? Can you guess the next thought to pop into your mind? Then how the hell are we supposed to reduce those thoughts?

No, I don’t believe thoughts are the problem. I believe the way we react to them is. See, you can have a thought that may seem pessimistic or unpleasant but still not feel any way at all about it. Because you control the way you react to a thought, not the thought itself. In fact the more you don’t want to think about something, the more you do.

And I realized while I was thinking that “The Rain” is the perfect title. It’s the perfect metaphor. “You can’t have the rainbow without rain”. You can’t get to a good place in life if you first don’t go through the harsh phase of self-acknowledgement, of facing your flaws, of facing your fears.

See, that’s what this blog is all about.

Doing things wrong.

Maybe we do things wrong.

More specifically, maybe we do things for the wrong reasons.

We do things because we want the end result. We work out because we want a nice body, we learn guitar so we can impress our friends with our talents.

But if you don’t enjoy the process of doing those things, of working out, of learning guitar, you’ll never get the results you want, and more importantly, you’ll never be happy by doing them.

It’s just like the famous Greek poet Cavafy said about the poem “The Odyssey” by Homer. To add some context if you aren’t familiar with this poem, the Odyssey is about a Greek king Odysseus and his journey back to his home in Ithaka after the Trojan Battle.

“When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,
pray that the road is long.”

Κ.P. Cavafy

In conclusion when optimizing for a goal, sometimes the process towards achieving that goal is often more important than the goal itself.

A conversation with a gypsy

So yesterday I had a very cool encounter with a Romani-gypsy family on the bus. More specifically, I met the cutest Romani girl who I ended up offering one of my bracelets to cause she was just the cutest.


The population of Romani-gypsies here in Greece is actually quite large, estimated around 200.000 people. These are people originally originated from Northern Indian and who migrated to Greece from around the 15th century. To this day they still live a nomadic lifestyle, often living in tents or deserted buildings, all over the country.


It’s sad because these people here in Greece are often victims of racism and complete isolation. Even during my bus ride, the bus driver kept ordering the little girl to stay away from me, in fear that she would steal from me. The whole family was almost not even permitted on the bus. Many people are prejudiced towards them because there have been many incidents of theft tied to Greek-Gypsies. But if you want my opinion, I find it reasonable since most people would never even consider them for a job. How are these people supposed to live if they can’t even make their own money?

I believe it’s time this Greek mentality changes. It’s time we embrace these people not with fear but with love. We should be more curious and interested about their traditions, rather than isolating them and avoiding any contact with them.  Drugs and trafficking unfortunately aren’t all that uncommon since these people have to proceed to extremes in order to survive. Education is also very low and most of the children don’t even attend school. Living in harmony and giving these people a chance by getting rid of the fear is the only way to diminish the criminal activities going on among these people.

Birthday surprise

So I had my birthday the week that passed us and I know how I was bashing on birthday’s on a previous post but a couple of my friends actually made me a pretty cool surprise, so I decided to share a bit of those memories with you guys.



After the surprise my friends made me with this sign that says “Happy birthday Babis” in Greek, we gathered on the beach (Babis is my nickname in Greek, and also it doesn’t actually say happy birthday but “Many years” which is the what we say on birthdays here in Greece).



One of my friends made me this gift which is a photoshopped picture of Mona Lisa with my face on it.



We enjoyed the sunset on our local beach.


Thanks guys.

About being petty.

Why do we act so petty? Why do we make mean comments about one another? Why do we enjoy to hate?

Well boys and girls, I think I’ve finally found the answer to the age-old question.

People enjoy degrading others because it’s the simplest way to raise their own self esteem. Reminding ourselves of other peoples flaws seems to give us the reassurance we need that we’re better than others and we have achieved more than them.

But this is of course a very wrong and unnecessary thing to do. All people make mistakes and instead of judging them for them we should be finding reason for their actions and show compassion for we ourselves are not flawless.

So whenever you’re on the verge of falling into the trap of speaking ill of others, remember that this person may one day end up being your friend.


Something missing.

Have you ever felt like your life’s doing fine? That you’re pretty much happy, content with your everyday routine, but yet that something isn’t quite right? That something’s missing?

Well, that’s what I’ve been feeling like lately. Everything’s fine, everything’s great, but I’ve just lost my thrill. Maybe it’s time to see new places, maybe I need a change of environment.

Or maybe I need to write more.


Otherwise known as being spontaneous.

It’s funny though, it seems like being spontaneous means doing something out of the ordinary and is considered as something positive while being impulsive means doing something without thinking and is something negative. Honestly, what’s the difference?

Today was definitely the kind of day I would title as impulsive or spontaneous.

I accepted an internship I wasn’t 100% sure of, I made plans with a person I’m not too acquainted with, I ate an unhealthy meal even though I was devoted to cleaning up my diet, I enrolled to the gym abruptly. Definitely an impulsive day.

This kind of behavior is something I tended to do regularly. The only difference was back then after my impulsiveness I would be swooped away from a seemingly endless spiral of self doubt and loathing.

Now, I have mastered the art of acceptance. With every decision I view the positive side. I ponder upon it, discovering what good may come from it. As the ancient Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus once said:


So that’s what I did. I let things happen to me and I reacted in a fashionable matter.

I mean, who can blame me? We live in the era of: Y.O.L.O.’s, companies and famous actors promoting motos like “Just do it”, even social media can be considered a mean of platform used to upload thoughts and ideas on impulse. I mean, how much thought goes to a tweet? As the US president could probably assure you, not too much.

But is that really what were aiming for? Actions motivated by emotion rather than thought, spontaneous actions based on emotions, desires and whims?

As nice as it may be to not feel guilt, I don’t think that’s motive enough to do whatever the heck you want without at least giving it some thought.

I mean, of course each situation is different, and some decisions need less thought than others, but I believe the adult thing to do in any given situation is to take a minute and weigh out if what you’re planning on doing is good for your own interest, money-wise, emotionally-wise, and above all health-wise.

Unless you’re a freaking fire fighter or something. Then go ahead and be as impulsive as you like.




Santorini from a different perspective

So, as I may have mentioned before on my blog, I’m from Santorini, Greece.

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking: You lucky son of a b****.

So this past weekend, I visited Santorini, unfortunately for a somber reason, a funeral.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to portray the beauty of the island with my little old camera.

But in respect to the sorrowful event of my visit, I decided to depict Santorini in a way many don’t get the chance to see it, a Santorini not at it’s peak during the summer months, but a more soft, peaceful Santorini of the early spring months.

I hope y’all enjoy.

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My hiking trip

So the previous weekend I went hiking on a mountain quite close to the place I live, which is in Patras, Greece, called “Klokova” or “Paliovouna”.



Its total height was 1038 m. Recently they’ve added wind generators on the top so we were excited to go and see them. On our way we had to take a ferryboat to reach the other side of the land. The other option was to take a bridge called “The Rio-Antirrio bridge”. Here are some pictures I took from my trip that I hope you enjoy:



The Rio-Antirrio bridge (Greece).



The view from up the mountain. If you look closely you can see the bridge I was telling you about.


The wind turbine on the top of the mountain. If you look closely you can see people on the left, just to get the idea of how tall they are.