Sailing in Greece

So to revitalize the photography aspect of this blog, I decided to upload a few photos of a trip I took on a relatives boat from Patras, Greece to Nafpaktos, Greece. So here they are:


DSCN2029 (2)

Right underneath the Rio-Antirrio bridge near Patras. So lucky to have gotten this shot.

DSCN2034 (3)

A little bit of black&white Greek pride.

DSCN2032 (2)

Entering the port of Nafpaktos.

DSCN2036 (2)

The fortress of Nafpaktos.


Santorini from a different perspective

So, as I may have mentioned before on my blog, I’m from Santorini, Greece.

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking: You lucky son of a b****.

So this past weekend, I visited Santorini, unfortunately for a somber reason, a funeral.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to portray the beauty of the island with my little old camera.

But in respect to the sorrowful event of my visit, I decided to depict Santorini in a way many don’t get the chance to see it, a Santorini not at it’s peak during the summer months, but a more soft, peaceful Santorini of the early spring months.

I hope y’all enjoy.

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My hiking trip

So the previous weekend I went hiking on a mountain quite close to the place I live, which is in Patras, Greece, called “Klokova” or “Paliovouna”.



Its total height was 1038 m. Recently they’ve added wind generators on the top so we were excited to go and see them. On our way we had to take a ferryboat to reach the other side of the land. The other option was to take a bridge called “The Rio-Antirrio bridge”. Here are some pictures I took from my trip that I hope you enjoy:



The Rio-Antirrio bridge (Greece).



The view from up the mountain. If you look closely you can see the bridge I was telling you about.


The wind turbine on the top of the mountain. If you look closely you can see people on the left, just to get the idea of how tall they are.


My trip to Bansko, Bulgaria (photography)

So last week I went a little trip to a city called Bansko in Bulgaria.

Now Bulgaria boarders Greece so it wasn’t too long on a trip.

Except it was.

Cause we went by bus.

And it was an eleven hour trip.


(just kidding this wasn’t my bus)

So since I am a total hypochondriac, I started worrying that I was going to get sick on the bus ride, which I usually do. So I went out and bought myself all kinds of crap, medicine, a neck pillow, a blindfold, to make sure everything would go well on my long trip.

Turns out, everything did go well. And it was one of the best and most fun trips I have ever had.

So here are some memorable moments from my trip:


The sky & mountain view from Bansko, Bulgaria.


Our hotel, Aspen Resort Golf & Ski, a four star hotel about 10 minutes away from the ski center in Bansko.


The river Glazne that runs right through Bansko.

Now Bansko is a very popular ski resort. I had never skied before in my life, but i decided to try it out.


Here I am all dressed up and ready to ski.


This is what the lift looks like that takes you up to the ski track.


The view from inside the lift.

Now, I was quite unlucky, because even though I was ready to ski, I found no teacher willing to teach me, so I only skied a bit on my own.

But even though that didn’t go well, this trip was still one of the best of my life, mostly because I met tons of new people which I connected with immediately.

Maybe they’re right when they say it doesn’t matter where you go, all that matters is that you have good company.


So here’s my first little go at photography. I took them all from an old low quality camera my dad bought a while back which he barely uses and so I stole it. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope you guys like it.


The view from my house a cloudy day.


The view from the balcony of a hotel room I was in last December, in the city Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece.


The view from the back of my house. This past December it snowed for the first time in 18 years.


This photo pleases my OCD.


And lastly, this one, my personal favorite. This one I took yesterday morning right before my morning run at the local stadium. The little black marks are dirt marks from the lenses, which is what I originally thought. They’re actually a flock of birds. Lately we’ve had thousands of birds flying over the city. Must be migration time.

Thank you all for your time!

Trying something new

Today I tried out something new. Something unexpected, something out of the schedule.

I was on my way to an errand, the beginning of a long list of errands and it was still early in the morning. I had decided to walk there even though it was about a half hour walk.

On my way there, I passed by this beautiful Ancient Odeum, I believe from the roman area. Being from Greece I come across ancient places like this all the time.

Yet I had never visited this specific one. It had been a goal of mine ever since I moved in to the city of Patras. It has been 9 years now.

So today I decided enough with the procrastination. I knew it was open for visitors this time of the day and I knew I had a bit of free time so I decided it was about time I visit it.

So here are some pictures from my visit:


So in conclusion, having been pretty sick and tired of this city for the past few years, it was definitely nice to see another side of it. I also discovered I really like photography, and it’s something I am going to pursue, which is why the analysis of the pictures above is pretty crappy, since I took these from my old Nokia phone.


  • More about the ancient odeum:

hello all.

Hello to my many followers.

I am greately sorry for my long absence, alot has been going on and although I have been thinking about blogging every day I haven’t gotten around to it. I guess it’s something I should make more time for.

To make you up for it here’s a picture of a beautiful snowy scenery:


Pretty, huh. I know.

Of course, I wasn’t the one who took it.

But it’s pictures like these that really get me to want to begin photography. Because if you think about it, photography is a lot like blogging; its an attempt to get people to see the world the way you do.

I love how with photography you begin to notice beauty around you that you may have otherwise ignored due to the stresses of everyday life.

Like in this photo:


The people in it seem to show oblivion to the scenery around them, but when I look at this photo I get a feeling of peace, as it I’m there feeling the cold and admiring the architecture of the buildings.

Or in this picture:


Just a bus ride. These people are probably tired, and weary to get off that bus as soon as possible. But to us viewing it, it seems so peaceful, so serene, it gives me the hope of a new morning and a new beginning.

With or without photography, we should try not forget the beauty that even the simplest moments bring to our lives.