About “The Rain”

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What the hell am I frowning about?

F.A.Q.(just kidding I just made these up) :

  • Who are you? My name’s Evana (or at least that’s my nickname; my real name’s too difficult to pronounce) and I am a Greek-American girl currently living in Greece. I’m 21 years old and I’m currently studying Chemistry.


  • Where’d you get the blogs’ name from? 

It’s actually a reference from a Sting song, called Fragile.

The most important reason why I chose it is this: even though the rain is considered by many to be a sad, gloomy event, I  believe if you let the rain become an inconvenience, it will, but if you take a step back and admire it, the rain is necessary in order to cleanse the atmosphere and in order to move forward.

I believe blogging (or any form of speaking about your emotions) is very similar, it may look difficult on the outside, since any form of expressing yourself is always difficult, but when you give it the attention it deserves, it becomes soothing and therapeutic.

  • What do you write about? Anything and everything. Mostly I enjoy philosophical issues, discussing about feelings, weaknesses and strengths of the human beings, paradoxes, and connecting scientific discoveries to our everyday lives (don’t forget I’m a chemist).


  • Why did you decide to start writing? I usually tend to overthink think things (you probably realized that already from the whole rain thing), so while I was overthinking about overthinking, I thought, why should it be a bad thing? Why shouldn’t I look at is as an advantage? Why shouldn’t I use it to start thinking about things in a different, unordinary way? (Fun fact: This is also the reason why I am into Chemistry). I love getting to the root of things, whether its my own behavior, the behavior of an atom, or the behavior of a black hole. And so I made this blog, as an outlet for all issues that may be puzzling me from time to time, and also as a way to discover other people and read stories about topics that may be puzzling them.

People are always looking for the outside fix to and inside job. To look inside oneself takes a lot of courage but it is worth it.