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An about me page. Wow. What the heck do I write here? I’m not good at describing myself, at all. Which is sort of ironic, I guess, considering I’m writing this for a blog. I mean, come on, I don’t even have a good grasp of who I am, how am I going to present myself to others? Okay. Just start, and the words will come out along the way. Start with the basics.

Hi. I’m Evana, but you can also call me Eva. I’m 23 years old, and I have a bachelor’s in Chemistry…

That was terrible. That sounded like you’re on some sort of a dating profile. That’s fine. I’ll just talk about my moving story. That always interests people. That’s also a pretty important part of who you are today, I guess.

So, I live in Greece, my parents are Greek, but I was born and raised in the United States. When I was twelve, I moved to Greece, where I moved around some more…

Yada yada, you’re becoming dull again. And more importantly, you’re not expressing yourself truly! This is the story all people around you know, already! If this was the only story you had to tell, then you wouldn’t be writing this blog! This is just an external piece of information, something that has nothing to do with you, your true being. And even if it does, your not expressing your opinion on it. That’s why you started blogging in the first place: to get to talk about who YOU really are! To get to talk about not just events that happen in your life, but what they mean to you, how you interpret them, what their importance is! You started this blog because their was an inner person inside you. That person needs a voice. Talk about that voice. Talk about your blog.

So, I was inspired to begin this blog when I heard a Sting song called ‘Fragile’…

That’s not what I meant. Talk about your feelings. Talk about your true opinions. Talk about the anxiety you feel, the fear. Talk about the fact that you second guess, everything. Talk about the fact that you’re obsessive. Talk about how that effects your life. Talk about how it’s difficult to focus, to get things done, talk about how you’re a perfectionist. Talk about how you have social anxiety. Talk about how hard it is to open up to others. Talk about how sometimes you feel sad. Talk about how sometimes you feel alone. Talk about things you don’t normally talk about because you feel becoming a burden. Talk about things you don’t normally talk about because you feel you won’t be understood. Talk about why you think that is. Talk about how you love doing things that most people don’t really seem to appreciate. Talk about how you try to find meaning behind certain things. Talk about life. Talk about death. Talk about everything everyone seems to shy away from. Talk about why you think people shy away from these things. Talk about if they really shy away from these things or if that’s just in your head. Just talk, talk already. You never talk. You just stand there, swallowing your words. Well talk now. Talk. And maybe, someone will listen, and talk back.

Wow, okay, you sure do talk a lot. I can’t write all that in my About Page. That would be huge. Where do you think I should start?

With a post.

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(This style of writing was inspired by a blogger called Alys who writes wonderful Conversations with anxiety, please check them out <3)