5 thoughts on “mountain.

    1. Heeeey Sundaram 🙂 I have been okay, taking time for myself really, trying to discover who I am and what it is I want in life really. And you? How is everything? Haha yes, I do love my mountains.

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      1. Great…!! Had any luck??… I’m still trying to find that out :)… and I have my own treacherous mountains to climb… I’m doing okay so far…glad to hear from you…:))


      2. Haha no still no luck. I guess it’s just one of those things with no real answers. I keep getting myself into situations with no real answers 😛 I guess the best is just to ride the wave and let it take it where it leads you. Glad to hear you’re okay Sundaram and glad to see you’re posting again 😀 Talk to you soon.

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      3. Yup… there is no right track to find that I believe. I just know that we are simply required to walk the path, and find what gives us happiness. Like the songs that touch us, words that move us, people who understand us, activities that refresh us. Then find a way of earning a livelihood around those clues, if we could afford. Always nice to talk to you…✌👍👍

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