A response poem to myself (#1).

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This is what you do.

This is what you always do!


‘I’m miserable here’, you say.

‘I need to get out of here.’

‘I need to leave.’


So you keep leaving,

set off for your newest feat

just to see that

life isn’t ideal there either.


Life isn’t ideal anywhere, honey.

Wherever you go

new difficulties will appear

and every time

you will find yourself

 something new to dwell on.


And yet,

whenever you come back

you seem to forget about all that,

and the problem again becomes

this, this place, these people.


‘Everything was so great in that other place’, you say

‘If only I could go back.’

‘If only I could leave, everything would be ideal.’


And the cycle starts all over again.



will you realize

that the problem

is not around you

but within you

in your head?



will you realize

that the hardest

thing to do is

not to leave but

to stay in the

same place?



will you realize

that there is no such thing

as an ideal situation

only ideal mentalities?


For the original poem click here.

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7 thoughts on “A response poem to myself (#1).

  1. You remind me of all the chaos I once went through. Mind you it is still there, only the type of it has changed. I still sometimes feel like I’m trapped, in all relations, responsibilities, and can’t just go out enjoying my freedom. Relate to you a lot girl (you’re only 23, but still calling you a girl seems so odd, see how thoughtful and mature you are)…enjoy your journey, and keep reflecting…🤘👍👍🤘:-):-)

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    1. ‘I can’t go enjoying my freedom’, that sums it up perfectly. It’s as if, in every situation I’m in, I’m always dreaming of a way out, an escape, and yet, when the escape comes, I find myself searching for a new escape. I’ve noticed this pattern in myself, and that is what inspired this poem. Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments! I still have a lot to learn, I believe 🙂 See you soon, my friend!!

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