A poem to myself (#1).

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What are you even doing here?

What are you even doing?


You should have left by now.

You should be somewhere in Asia.

Somewhere in freaking Asia!


‘I’m not ready yet’, you say.

‘I don’t have enough money.’

‘I need to plan this better.’


So you keep delaying it

finding new excuses

to hide the fear of

what you want the most.


You’re 23!

You’re not 15 anymore.

You could just leave,

if you wanted to.


And yet,

you’re here.

Sitting in your room all day

trying to attain knowledge

for the day you’ll be set free.

Oh, what a day it will be.


‘Everything would be perfect

if I could just leave.

But that can’t just happen,

it has to be planned.’



So you stay.



will you realize

that the best things happen




will you break through

the wall that you

have built yourself

and finally reach

your full potential?



will you realize

that sometimes you

have to start dancing

and then the music will being?


For the response poem click here.


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