There’s just something about altitudes

a certain peace they give out.

It’s as if

from above

you can see things

for what they really are.



3 thoughts on “Altitudes.

  1. Very nice and expressive! Your poem is meaningful in words but also visually. The need to find peace of spirit and mind is to learn to see life and things from another perspective, “from above”. That need also contains another need: to detach ourselves from everyday life and people, where mental and physical dettachment provide reflection and thus “see things for what they really are”. As I said, your poem has also visual meaning in that the lines of each verse become shorter as you mentally and physically reach the top of the mountain. “It’s as if” is the peak and from there your eye vision stretches to the bottom as represented by the next lines of the poem getting longer and longer again. In the end you go back to the bottom but having experienced a different perspective. If you like photography perhaps you will also see that your poem has a photographic eye from the way we climb to the top and see the view till we descend.

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    1. Marta, thank you so much!! You have no idea how much I appreciate your constructive comments. The phorographic point of view is something I omitted to perceive myself!! Or maybe it was subconscious… Nonetheless I am definitely seeing this poem ‘from a different perspective’!! Thanks again!! 🙂

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