Restraint‘ by Jeff Sevener


It’s hard,

being in my head,


It’s a constant dwell.

A constant dwell.


It’s like

having your worst enemy

share a room with you

trying to knock you down,

over and over,



It’s like

having a thief

come into to your house,

in hope of stealing


you hold valuable.


It’s like

having bees

buzzing all around you

threatening to sting

at any moment,

if bothered.


So it’s hard,

being in my head


It’s a constant dwell.

A constant dwell.



13 thoughts on “Dwell.

  1. The only way I believe is to starve the enemy. Never feed her, the other one… though I have felt that it might grow weak, but it never truly dies. A day of lost focus, and it resurges to claim back the mind… liked the poetry as usual. I relate to your poetry, and love your ability to show your wounds… 💪:-):-)

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    1. Yes, you are right, Sundaram… You must learn to accept her, let her sit on her throne… As a Greek song (favorite of mine) says… ‘Who will go up against sadness?… The more you resist, the more she wins… Whoever throws her off her throne… ‘It’s you I want’, she says… ‘. Thank you for you kind words ❤ Always happy to see you commenting.

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