The scream, be Edvard Munch


How can a 4 letter word be so powerful?

It fills the room.

It’s a thick, black paint.

It shrinks the space around you.

It darkens the sky.

It suffocates.

It yells.

It’s a loud, screaming voice.

It’s a punch in the stomach.

It leaves you out of breath.

It’s a curtain that falls

over the play that is your life.

Fear can be everything

if you let it

but don’t forget…

…fear is a liar.


9 thoughts on “F-E-A-R

  1. Wow. Such beautiful expression. Summed up so well in the end too. Fear IS the biggest liar. Isn’t it? It stops you from becoming who you want to be. It paralyses you. Btw.. Where are you these days? I’m really looking forward to more of your writing! 🙂

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