The Sky

wheat fields at auvers
Wheat fields at Auvers under clouded sky, by Vincet Van Gogh (1890)

Whenever I feel like I’m drowning,

I just look at the sky

and it reminds me

that everything is not always as it seems,

that the mind often plays tricks on you,

that you are just a dot

in this universe,

that your worries and your fears

are nothing compared to the eternity

above your head.

So whenever you feel like you’re drowning,

just raise your head

take a deep breath

and look at the sky.


6 thoughts on “The Sky

    1. Thank you!! ❀ I understand completely!! There was a time where I would spend my afternoons at home on the balcony for hours just looking at the sky and the overall view.. It was my way of deloading and contemplating on the day.. But I’ve come to learn that even just a glance can help! Thanks again for the read! ❀

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      1. Yup. That’s so true. Even a glance can help. I make it a point to look at the stars and the moon even if through my bedroom window, once briefly before I go to sleep. You should really read my poem Summer Sunshine though. Its almost like a guided meditation for spring time sky gazing lol. πŸ™‚ Keep writing!

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