The weather.

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“So how’s the weather?”

“Pretty hot these days right?”

“Woah, it’s freezing, can’t wait for the summer.”

People love to talk about the weather. It’s a nice, simple, go-to conversation-opener, a certain ice-breaker that all people have in common.

I also believe that the way people talk about and handle the weather is a great way of finding out about their personalities.

People constantly complaining about the weather, people who when it’s hot ask for cold, and when it’s cold ask for hot, are people who easily find obstacles in life. They are people who quit easily, with the slightest mishap.

On the other hand, people who embrace the weather are people who truely embrace life and live it to the fullest.

A person who always comes to mind that is a great example of the latter is a great inspiration of mine, Casey Neistat. Now Casey Neistat is a fanatic runner who enjoys running about 10 miles a day.


Most people enjoy running when the weather is ideal, for them Spring and Fall are the best months for running. But Casey? No. Casey enjoys running most in the hot months of summer. For him, August’s heat isn’t a tormenting time he waits patiently to go by. For him, these are the moments he waits for all year, and when they come, he takes advantage of them best.

So, please, let’s stop nagging about the weather and start seeing what we can do to take advantage of it best.



7 thoughts on “The weather.

    1. Sundaram!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog again and insisting to come, even though content isn’t flowing as much as it used to 😛 All I can say i my blog is in an ‘under-construction’ mode… So stay tuned for the outcome 😉 😛 As for this post… Yes. Even to today, it annoys me how much the weather comes up in discussions. I think it has become an excuse for not facing our problems and not doing what we truly want. It’s the only way I can explain it.

      And yes, Casey is awesome ❤ He's motivated and determined, he takes advantage of his day to the fullest to do what he wants, he never makes excuses, he keeps moving forward. I recommend you watch this video of his:

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      1. Hey Evana… even my blog is under construction… stuck somewhere for the last many days, and writing almost nil. But I m trying my way out, coz ultimately I have to. ✌…and I come to your blog wen I need a friend to talk to. New post, or not, until I hv read all of the previous ones I hv nothing to complain… Could you share the link again coz it’s not showing in your comment…Casey’s video I mean.

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      2. Haha yes. I honestly felt like a change was needed. I felt like I was piling up clothes on a stack of already messy, untidied clothes left on a chair. Even if the clothes are valuable, they lose their meaning if they’re a mess… Anyway. I tend to over-obsess and me an organized-freak sometimes, maybe these are just one of those times. But I do feel I need it regardless. That’s so sweet to hear that you visit the blog when you feel you need a friend. I’m glad to hear it comforts you. Here’s the video again, hope it works this time:

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