Now, I’m not really a person of art, but I’ve been contemplating about it lately. What is it that drives us to create art? What is it that makes us connect with art? What makes us admire it?


I came across a video that gave an interesting interpretation on art.

According to the video, the history of art is the record of people who could find no one in the vicinity to talk to.


And I can see this come across in paintings like Caspar David Friedrich’s.

Caspar David Friedrich, a German romantic painter. His painting were always centered around a person admiring a vast scenery. As grand as that scenery may be, our glance always fall upon the person, contemplating the sight before them.


Art is about expressing feelings, about expressing pain. As is said in the video, “once we accept loneliness, we can get creative.”

But Art doesn’t just have to be about paintings. I believe in unconventional art. For example, I believe Jay-Z and Kendrik Lamar have done an excellent job in their own forms of art.

I literally believe you can hear their pain in these songs. You can relate to their pain. You see it in their video clips. And that’s what art’s all about.

But of course, art’s relative. Art’s personal. People find art in different forms and shapes. I don’t expect you to relate.


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