A conversation with a gypsy.

So yesterday I had a very cool encounter with a Romani-gypsy family on the bus. More specifically, I met the cutest Romani girl who I ended up offering one of my bracelets to cause she was just the cutest.


The population of Romani-gypsies here in Greece is actually quite large, estimated around 200.000 people. These are people originally originated from Northern Indian and who migrated to Greece from around the 15th century. To this day they still live a nomadic lifestyle, often living in tents or deserted buildings, all over the country.


It’s sad because these people here in Greece are often victims of racism and complete isolation. Even during my bus ride, the bus driver kept ordering the little girl to stay away from me, in fear that she would steal from me. The whole family was almost not even permitted on the bus. Many people are prejudiced towards them because there have been many incidents of theft tied to Greek-Gypsies. But if you want my opinion, I find it reasonable since most people would never even consider them for a job. How are these people supposed to live if they can’t even make their own money?

I believe it’s time this Greek mentality changes. It’s time we embrace these people not with fear but with love. We should be more curious and interested about their traditions, rather than isolating them and avoiding any contact with them.  Drugs and trafficking unfortunately aren’t all that uncommon since these people have to proceed to extremes in order to survive. Education is also very low and most of the children don’t even attend school. Living in harmony and giving these people a chance by getting rid of the fear is the only way to diminish the criminal activities going on among these people.


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