Otherwise known as being spontaneous.

It’s funny though, it seems like being spontaneous means doing something out of the ordinary and is considered as something positive while being impulsive means doing something without thinking and is something negative. Honestly, what’s the difference?

Today was definitely the kind of day I would title as impulsive or spontaneous.

I accepted an internship I wasn’t 100% sure of, I made plans with a person I’m not too acquainted with, I ate an unhealthy meal even though I was devoted to cleaning up my diet, I enrolled to the gym abruptly. Definitely an impulsive day.

This kind of behavior is something I tended to do regularly. The only difference was back then after my impulsiveness I would be swooped away from a seemingly endless spiral of self doubt and loathing.

Now, I have mastered the art of acceptance. With every decision I view the positive side. I ponder upon it, discovering what good may come from it. As the ancient Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus once said:


So that’s what I did. I let things happen to me and I reacted in a fashionable matter.

I mean, who can blame me? We live in the era of: Y.O.L.O.’s, companies and famous actors promoting motos like “Just do it”, even social media can be considered a mean of platform used to upload thoughts and ideas on impulse. I mean, how much thought goes to a tweet? As the US president could probably assure you, not too much.

But is that really what were aiming for? Actions motivated by emotion rather than thought, spontaneous actions based on emotions, desires and whims?

As nice as it may be to not feel guilt, I don’t think that’s motive enough to do whatever the heck you want without at least giving it some thought.

I mean, of course each situation is different, and some decisions need less thought than others, but I believe the adult thing to do in any given situation is to take a minute and weigh out if what you’re planning on doing is good for your own interest, money-wise, emotionally-wise, and above all health-wise.

Unless you’re a freaking fire fighter or something. Then go ahead and be as impulsive as you like.





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