Confidence is funny.


Confidence is something we’ve always been striving to achieve. It’s an ultimate goal. It’s simple: If we’re confident, we’re happy. But really, what is confidence? Is confidence happiness? Are confident people always happy? Can someone unconfident be happy? And most importantly, is there such a thing as being too confident? These are the questions I’ve been struggling with lately.

You see, a series of events occurred lately which “lifted my confidence”. But really, is that how it’s supposed to be? Shouldn’t confidence be impartial towards the events that occur in your life?

Because in that case, then if negative events occur, then the confidence should go away, and I don’t think that that’s how confidence is supposed to work.

I think confidence isn’t about getting a lot of compliments and reassurance, but it’s about believing in yourself, no matter what others might have to say.

People with true confidence are ultimately happy people, since their confidence does not depend on other people’s opinions. They recognize that they don’t need other peoples reassurance, since a compliment or an insult means nothing more than one persons opinion, and may not always reflect the truth.

Unfortunately, I believe many people today perceive confidence as an acquired attribute, achieved only by others peoples acceptance.  I believe social media has a lot to do with this, since your only as good as the likes you get. Constantly depending on other people for reassurement cannot be considered confidence. Because, while getting a compliment lift their spirits, not getting any compliments or getting an insult will just as easily diminish them. People in this category are also influenced by their society’s ideals. For example, they might envy a certain body type they see on the internet and therefore feel underwhelmed about their own.

I also believe being overly confident belongs in this category. Those who are overly confident are just the victims of too much reassuring from someone in their environment, and unfortunately they haven’t learned to always keep some reservation.

Overall,  truly confident people take both insults and compliments lightly. They think more out of the box, spherically, thinking each situation through, meaning that they earn things from both a good and bad situation. They are constantly reassuring themselves in a healthy and non-narcissistic way and making happiness a personal achievement and not an achievement that can be stolen by other peoples opinions.


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