Beauty is funny.


Beauty is funny. Isn’t beauty funny?

It’s funny how beauty works. Basically if you have the gift of “beauty” it means you are rewarded for something that you had no control over, something you have never worked for, something you were just born with due to a random combination on genes which leaded to a “beautiful” face.

But what is beauty really?

Well, the way I see it, its a combination of three things:

  1.  Face Symmetry

From the research I have done, it has to do with face symmetry. Take a look at this next picture:


Now which face do you find more attractive? Probably the one on the left.

Now take a look at these next few pictures as well:

Notice anything in common? These faces are almost complete symmetric and almost undoubtedly beautiful.

According to a fellow blogger by the name of Claire E. Going, the reason why we find symmetric faces so beautiful is divided to two main categories:

Studies broke it down to two hypothesis, “The Evolutionary Advantage view (which proposes that symmetric individuals are attractive because they are particularly healthy) and the Perceptual Bias view (which proposes that symmetric individuals are attractive because the human visual system can process symmetric stimuli of any kind more easily than it can process asymmetric stimuli).” Scientists have ruled out the Evolutionary Advantage and have settled on the Perceptual Bias view because it is easier for humans to process things that are equal and similar.”

  • Link to Claire E. Going’s original post:

2. Cultural / Social beliefs

It is a common fact that our perception of beauty has changed throughout the years. For example, in ancient Greece there was a time when a woman was considered beautiful with an eyebrow. A video that depicts this fact perfectly is the one below:


But even today, you can see how beauty differs from place to place. In Africa, there is a tradition where women wear neck rings as a form of jewelry:


All these facts just go to show how relative beauty is and how much a waste of time it is to be hurt that you may not fit into today’s standards of beauty. Maybe you are just in the wrong area or the wrong period of time.

3. Personality

This is my favorite contributor of them all. Personality. I believe inner beauty often governs the outer beauty as well. It has happened many time to myself that someone seems more beautiful to me the more I get to know them and the more I see what a great person they are.

Unfortunately, I feel like this reason has become less and less focused on these days. In an era of social media, where external beauty is praised an worshiped I feel like more and more people are falling into the trap of trying to achieve an ideal external appearance rather than trying to achieve a healthy and vivid personality. With so many celebrity role models portraying an unhealthy, fake way of life where fake eyelashes, breasts and hair extensions are a necessity to move forward, I hope that guys and girls will see through this and realize there’s more to life than just a pretty face.


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