Boredom is funny


Boredom is funny.

Why? Because sometimes you work and work all for the dream that one day you will be able to sit at home and do nothing at all.


But then, when you get the chance to do so, this feeling comes creeping up, the feeling of boredom.


So what is boredom and why do we feel it?

Well, according to one of my favorite Youtubers, Vsauce:

” It’s believed to be an emotion that’s a less intense form of discuss. A visual representation of emotions developed by Robert Plutchik shows them all on a wheel:


[…] Boredom pushes us away from low stimulus situations because variety and stimulation literally lead to neurogenesis, brain cell growth. We are here today doing what we do because boredom has guided us toward greater and greater challenges and bigger and more complex brains.”

So boredom is basically the feeling you get when you’re brain’s telling you you aren’t doing enough.

But that makes me wonder, why is it that some people are more prone to others? Meaning, why is it that some people are perfectly fine with spending days and weeks doing pretty much nothing while others have issues letting just hours pass idly by? Does it have to do with brain chemistry, meaning our DNA? Does it have to do with the way you have been raised and taught by your surroundings? Or does it have to do with the anxiety some people feel compared to others?

Let me explain the last one. Personally, I rarely feel bored. But that’s because I’m rarely sitting around doing nothing. I am a driven and frankly a quite anxious person which means that even when I’m sitting around I will be worrying about things I might be able to do in the time that I’m wasting. I don’t know if you consider this a good thing or a bad thing, but personally it is something I am working on since I believe nothing should be done in a compulsive order. But more on that in another post.

Of course, there is also the boredom that you get even when you’re doing something. For me, when this keeps reoccurring, its definitely time you change your habits.

So yeah folks, boredom is funny.

  • References: Vsauce’s 1st episode of Mind Field called isolation:

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