being lonely’s funny

Being lonely’s funny.

(And I don’t mean lonely just in a romantic sense, I mean it in a general sense)

It’s funny how it’s not exactly sadness, it’s something different, something you can tell is different.

It’s funny how as independent as you may think you are, loneliness can hit you in the middle of nowhere when you’re completely unexpected.

People are surrounded by others all the time, yet society has made it that many of our encounters are typical and short in order to keep the cogwheels in the machines turning. People approach other people only for a certain purpose and seldom do they truly care about each other.

So its no wonder that you may at some point end up feeling lonely.

But it’s also funny how temporary loneliness is. You feel it one moment, then you speak to a friend, and the loneliness is gone.

Which proves something important: Loneliness is a product of our own imagination. Something I have learned lately is that our minds are great at making scary scenarios. So I believe loneliness falls into the same category. Our minds make it as if we’re stranded on a deserted island with no one around. Well there are people around, and all you have to do is open your eyes and look.

So yeah, being lonely’s funny.


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