Eintein’s theory of relativity

I watched an interesting movie recently, called Collateral Beauty.

In this movie Einstein’s theory of relativity was mentioned. Einsteins theory of relativity pinpoints two main ideas: classical relativity and general relativity.

In general relativity, the main basis of the theory is that there is no such thing as absolute rest or absolute movement. Everything is moving relative to one another. For example, if there are two people inside a car, if you compare the movement of one to the other it is as if they are still. If there is an observer outside the car, he will believe that he is the one that’s still, and the car is moving. But is that the truth? No. The observer is moving as well, because the Earth is moving. Movement is always happening, but it is always relative.

So I was thinking that we can take this small piece of the theory of relativity a step further. We can see the first law as something applicable to our every day lives: everything is relative, not only movement. “Movement” in life is relative. Our lives are relative. Let me explain:

A problem that I have, for example a conflict with my parents, may be devastating for my own life, but will never affect most people. A tsunami, may occur to a large area, and we may never hear about it, our lives continue just as they were. People are dying every day but since they have no evident connection to us we never shed a tear. Same goes for good things. People get married, people have kids. All around us in every house lives are unfolding, things are happening and we will never know. Even with items. An item, like a toy, may mean so much to someone, it may have been a part of his childhood life, but to us it would be worthless.. Our lives are relative. Our problems are relative. Our joys are relative. These things always exist, but we may not see them, because we are wrapped in our own little bubble which we call our lives.


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