On traveling.

Hello to all people reading my blog.

To those who are “following” me, I am sorry for my absence these past few days, but I have been traveling.

Which brings me to the topic  I would like to discuss, Traveling.

I mean, how great is traveling. Seeing new places. Seeing new things. Realizing how the tiniest habits you took for granted are done in a completely different way in a place that seemingly isn’t too far from your own. Food, language, music, transportation all take a completely different meaning, leaving you with a feeling a distance with the people you come across.

Until you realize that the baseline is exactly the same for everyone on earth. Everyone is trying to survive. Everyone is trying to cooperate, to communicate, to be happy. The only things that change are the tools given to us to do these things.


People sometimes tend to get caught up in their everyday life, worrying about minuscule things. Like the career move you made that you aren’t happy about and now it feels like the end of the world. Or the exam coming up that feels like the end of your life is coming.

Traveling I believe helps free people from the idea that life is only about what we go through every day. Traveling is as if you are suddenly dropped into a completely different environment and everything you went through up until that moment seems like a dream. Traveling helps you realize that everywhere you go there are opportunities waiting for you and people who think like you and will understand you.

And as Saint Augustine said:



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