On procrastinating.

I’ve been wondering.

Why do we procrastinate? What’s the reason we like to imagine ourselves doing great things yet in the end take the longest time or never get around to doing them at all?

I watched an amazing tedx video recently called “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”. He claimed that there are two types of procrastinating: One that comes with a deadline and one without a deadline. And though one might imagine that procrastination is worse when it comes to an obligation involving a deadline, for example an essay that is due, it is actually worse when it involves doing things that don’t involve a deadline, like deciding to start hiking lessons.

So why is that?

I believe that although starting a new activity may sound exciting, we are actually afraid of the consequences. As much as we may like imagining ourselves taking risks and being outgoing, in the end every person is afraid of the unknown and so we prefer being left in our comfort zone. So maybe procrastination is just a way of protecting ourselves from getting hurt or disappointed.

I have also noticed a relation between people who procrastinate and people with anxiety. I feel as if people with more anxiety have a tendency to do more, since they are constantly under the pressure of not being in their comfort zone.

So to all those out there that suffer from anxiety -as do I- there you go, there’s a positive side to it after all: We’re non-procrastinators.


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