Why I like photography.

Because if you think about it, photography is a lot like blogging; its an attempt to get people to see the world the way you do.

I love how with photography you begin to notice beauty around you that you may have otherwise ignored due to the stresses of everyday life.

Like in this photo:


The people in it seem to show oblivion to the scenery around them, but when I look at this photo I get a feeling of peace, as it I’m there feeling the cold and admiring the architecture of the buildings.

Or in this picture:


Just a bus ride. These people are probably tired, and weary to get off that bus as soon as possible. But to us viewing it, it seems so peaceful, so serene, it gives me the hope of a new morning and a new beginning.

With or without photography, we should try not forget the beauty that even the simplest moments bring to our lives.

Photos: http://freetrolltv.tumblr.com/


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