A discussion with a homophobic person

-Excuse me… Hi… I see you’re holding up a sign that says ‘Gay people will go to hell’… Let me ask you, what is your problem exactly against gay people?

-I see, it goes against the will of God. Let me ask you, doesn’t God support unconditional love? Therefore, how can you say it goes against God’s will?

-I see, it’s unnatural… What makes it unnatural, exactly?

-So you think two people of the same people having sex is unnatural…Why is that? Isn’t that just two people enjoying sex with each other?

-Okay, so it’s because they can’t have kids, you say… Let me ask you, do you enjoy sex?

-Oh so you do… Do you ever wear condoms?

-You do that too… So it seems you also have sex without purposefully wanting to have kids… Something else, do you like blowjobs? Do you give oral to your wife?

-Oh so you do… I see… I suggest you stop that… It’s unnatural and it’s against God’s will… Let me ask you something else… Would you ever judge an autistic person? Or a person with down syndrome?

-You wouldn’t… Okay… So what makes you think you can judge a gay person?

-Okay, so gay people become gay because of today’s society… And what they watch on TV and see on the internet… Let me ask you something… Do you let your son watch video games? And play with toy guns?

-You do… But aren’t you afraid they’ll grow up to become murders?

-You aren’t… Okay… So what makes you sure he won’t become a murderer?

-Nothing to say huh… One last thing though… It seems like you’re a good Christian… I see… What if I came here with a sign, saying that Christians are going to hell, because so many indigenous bodies were found? How would you like that?

-You wouldn’t like that… I see… So why don’t you put that sign down… And give some things a second thought… Before showing up here again holding up that sign…


How the holidays felt like this year




New Year’s.



Imagine a world.

‘How are you?’



As if it’s an achievement to be fine.

‘How are you?’

‘I’m not okay.’

‘That’s terrible!’

As if it’s a failure to be not.

Instead, imagine a world where:

‘How are you?’

‘I’m not okay.’

‘That’s okay.’



Why would you stay?

You’re right.

You’re right to go away.

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

Just to see me decay?

Just to watch my insecurities gnaw away?

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

When all I do is cry all day…

With so many girls out there on display…

Smarter… Friendlier… Bigger butts…

Anyone would say:

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

The ups and downs won’t go away…

A rollercoaster every day…

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

Why would you say?

Might as well leave today…

You’ve got no reason to delay…

Why would you stay?

Why would you stay?

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An inch.



I can feel you fading,



further & further away.


So I hold you,

grab onto you,

reach out for you,

try to keep you near.


But the truth is,

you’re still here,

you’ve always been here,

you never even moved,

an inch.


The absurdity of racism

In 1619, when white people brought black people to America, in shackles and chains, against their will, we beat them, whipped them, put them through extreme working conditions, divided them from their families, sold them, treated them like animals.

After the American Civil War, in 1865, when slavery was abolished, we segregated them, marginalized them, kept them from voting, kept them from receiving proper education, kept them in different schools, kept them in the back of the bus.

After the civil rights movement, in 1968, we forced them to stay in ghettos, made them struggle for fair education, gave them less opportunities, discriminated against them, forced them to turn to criminal acts, drug-dealing, violence, because quite frankly, they had no other choice. Quite frankly, that was the only option they had.

And then, WE shoot then.

And then, WE’RE the racists.






Are a risk.

You don’t know

if when they come true

they will be

what you imagined them to be

or not…


What really matters…

is now.


is what you’re experiencing now

making you happy?


Because maybe now

you’re living a dream

you may have dreamed before

and just don’t know it…

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Telescope (reply)

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I’ve seen it.

I’m on the other side.

I’m with them,

the one’s who waited for me.

I’m doing

all the things

I was destined to do.

They aren’t far away anymore.


I don’t need a telescope.

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i want to start my life already.

i want to start my life already.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck?

Like you just want time to go by

get things over

so you can finally begin living

the life you’ve always dreamed of?

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Distract myself.

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I wake up in the morning

and I sit down to meditate.


The first thought that comes to mind is :

‘I can’t take this anymore.’


So I get up

do things

distract myself.